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In developing her critically acclaimed short film "A Summer Rain" into a feature length drama, Thier establishes herself as a powerful new voice in independent American cinema.


Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Its quiet power is achieved through its modest goals. Small, real, and touching in unexpected ways. I really got caught up in this friendship. About 4 1/2 stars, I'll go ahead and round up because this little story melted my usually cold dead heart.

K. Harris

Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewers

Theme is explored with credibility and poignancy, and my ten-year-old daughter and I loved it ...Beautifully told and filmed, this is a poetic and poignant film on adolescent friendship that transcends cultural differences. Highly recommended.

Z. Hayes

Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewers

I had not realized, until watching Foreign Letters, how the story of childhood friendship so rarely gets told unless something is being blown up. But Foreign Letters proves that the story of love between friends, unfolding without special effects, is the real action adventure.

C. O. Moed

Refreshing! Cuts to the heart of complicated political and social issues by showing them through the straightforward lens of a child's eye. Wonderful acting and directing. Couldn't be better.


I wanted to call up my best friend and tell her how much I love her after watching this film.


One of the best movies that I have seen! with a deep friendship instead of a romance, which to me feels refreshing.


It made me want to catch a plane and just hug my best friend. 

Nia M

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